Has camp made a difference in your life?  Are you now wanting to give back?

Join the Team!

MWC’s Leadership Training Program (LTP)

Are you 19 and ready to serve?  Are you wanting to take on a leadership role?  Join MWC’s LTP by becoming a Counselor In Training (CIT).  We are looking for individuals who are serious about being a positive example to our younger campers while at the same time developing quality leadership skills.  We are planning a challenging and fun experience that will take place at MWC this year.

Additionally, have you considered attending GIT Campus Days right before camp happens? We’ll take you from the Farm to Camp. Check it out Here.

What you can expect:

Each day will start early as you get together with the CIT director and the other CIT’s to go start your day with prayer and devotions and to go over the days’ activities and your responsibilities.

Each day you will have team building and leadership skills training that you will later be able to put into practice as you interact with campers in their normal activities ranging from cabin talks to field activities.

Service – Matthew 20:26 CJB

“Among you, it must not be like that. On the contrary, whoever among you wants to be a leader must become your servant.  Each day will be filled with opportunities to serve.”

Areas of service you can expect:

  • Attitude and energy – You are a role model
  • Activities – Being ready to be a “go fer” or game leader etc.
  • Attentiveness – Setting the tone for all the campers
  • Meal times
  • Anything and everything you can imagine

So, will this be fun?  You bet it will.  We are still in the planning stages, but already have some fantastic staff and activities to make this a fulfilling and fun time.

Please be prepared for a Skype interview after your registration, or a phone interview if circumstances require.

CIT Agreement


Campground Medical Waiver and COVID Release Waiver

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