We’re praying that Yah will bring to camp those He is preparing to meet with Him. We firmly believe that if God wants you to get to camp, money will be no obstacle to get you there. To that end, He has allowed us to put together several fundraisers that you may participate in.


We are making 2022 fundraiser t-shirts available for you to sell. Each shirt sold will allow you a profit margin of $10! You will collect $16 for each shirt (add an extra $1 for each 2XL and an extra $2 for each 3XL), and you will only need to pay $6 for each shirt. That give you a profit of $10 per shirt to help raise the money for your registration. After you’ve sold enough shirts to get to camp, you can still sell more to give you some extra spending money for activities and/or snacks!

(ALL TALLY SHEETS MUST BE RETURNED BY WED., JULY 13, 2022. No exceptions! Email completed tally sheets to messiahwestcoast@gmail.com to get your shirts printed and delivered to you when you get to camp on Aug. 7.)

Zoom Calls

Another great option for raising support is to make appointments with friends, relatives, or business contacts who you think would love to sponsor you, but may be willing and able to put more than $16 toward a t-shirt.

The idea is that you will call your contact, schedule a Zoom (or in-person, if they’re close) appointment with them and, using just 3 minutes of their time, tell them about camp, why you’d like to go, and request for them to sponsor you with a gift of any amount.

(This option has a HUGE profit margin! It costs you nothing, and some will donate up to $100+ per appointment!)

Bakes Sales, Car Washes, Dog Walking, etc.

Take advantage of bake sales! Our family likes to make and sell peanut brittle to help get us to camp. Does your family have a secret (amazing) recipe that you could put to work?!

As a family, you may want to offer car washes. Many gas stations and churches are happy to allow people their property for this use.

Last, but certainly not least, use your imagination! The sky is the limit, and who knows? You might even start a little business for yourself!


Be sure to let us know if you have any fantastic ideas that work for you! We can’t wait to see you at camp this year!